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F1 2015 - regulations & cars on the grid  - Simulation, not estimation

Fast Track Newsletter - September 2015

Welcome to the September issue of our Fast Track Newsletter. Hope you enjoyed the holiday season and had a fabulous time.

September is finally here and we are very excited to break the news to you about our two incredible projects with 'Ford & AVL' and 'JLR, WMG & HVM Catapult' both supported by Innovate UK. Also, we would like to invite you to read the feature article written by William Kimberly, Editor of Race Tech Magazine, on our involvement in a project that investigates the benefits of ancillary hybridisation on LMP1 - H cars.

This month, we are exhibiting and presenting papers at a couple of events including LCV2015 & DSEI2015 exhibitions, the 11th International Modelica conference & IET's Safety Assessment seminar.

We look forward to seeing you at the upcoming events. Make sure you collect a copy of the Energy Engineering magazine at LCV for more information about our R&D projects and meet with us at DSEI to find out more about the Motorsport to Defence technology transfer that we keep going on about.

Please do get in touch to give us feedback and let us know what you would like to be covered in our next newsletter.

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to your colleagues/friends and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for more exciting news and information about systems engineering, modelling and simulation.


Claytex collaborates with Ford and AVL 
'Model-based Real-time Systems Engineering' is a two year project co-funded by Innovate UK. The aim of the project is to develop predictive engine & vehicle models enabling virtual calibration of driveability control features and validation of OBD fault paths. Coupled with ...
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Claytex collaborates with JLR, WMG and Catapult
'Battery Modelling for Future HEV and EV Product Development' is a three year project co-funded by Innovate UK. The aim of the project is to develop a Modelica library for modelling batteries from the cell level through to the complete battery pack based on ...
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In the News 

Claytex featured in Race Tech Magazine, By William Kimberly 
Optimising the parts others cannot reach - With the LMP1- H regulations that were introduced to the World Endurance Championship and the wider use of energy recovery systems, it became apparent that one of the key limitations of the internal combustion engine ... 
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Claytex exhibit and present at LCV2015.

Battery Modelling for Future HEV and EV Product Development

Mike Dempsey, Managing Director of Claytex will present on how battery modelling can be applied to aid the development of passenger car hybrid electric (HEV) and pure battery electric (EV) powertrains.

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Claytex exhibit at DSEI 2015.

Motorsport to Defence​

We are very excited about meeting with engineers and technical directors from different organisations at DSEI to showcase our capabilities in systems engineering - modelling and simulation of systems. 

Our technologies have been developed in Motorsport and applied in Formula 1, NASCAR and IndyCar for many years enabling the teams to evaluate detailed geometry changes or new technologies before arriving at the race track. The same technology is now being applied for road cars to enable a wide range of engineering activities including handling, active safety systems, ride, NVH and control system integrity.

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Claytex exhibit and present at Modelica Conference 2015.

Claytex will present three papers at this year's conference:

1. High Fidelity Multibody Vehicle Dynamics Models for Driver-in-the-Loop Simulators

2. Modelling the effects of energy efficient glazing on cabin thermal energy & vehicle efficiency

3. Predicting the Effect of Gearbox Preconditioning on Vehicle Efficiency

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Claytex exhibit at IET's Safety Assessment Seminar 2015.

The automotive industry has seen significant changes with products becoming more advanced and technology increasingly complex. With the increased uptake of hybrid and electric vehicles and the adoption of autonomous systems there are more failure modes to consider and a new edition of the ISO26262 standard is being produced.

On our stand we will be showcasing REQTIFY, our interactive application for requirements traceability across your existing toolchain.

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